About Us

Pixelkisser Production specialises in putting the human factor into video production. Because people believe in other people more than they believe in abstract facts and figures.


Video content is most effective when it’s about action, not words. It’s most effective when you tell stories with compelling narratives, and meaningful images. Stories that change the way you think and feel about people, about issues, about organisations.

For video to be effective, you have to show it, not just tell it.

Why Human Video?

People’s experiences shape how they think and feel about the world around them.

Video is the best medium for creating experiences that people care about and remember.

We are all consuming more and more media every day, including video. If you want your video to be remembered, you need to make more than a video, you need to make an experience to remember.

Our Services

With over 20 years production experience in broadcast, corporate and non-profits we specialise in producing features and stories that help you connect with audiences:

  • Features and stories around the world.
  • Personal stories with strong narrative and evocative images.
  • Documenting events and interactions.
  • ‘Behind the scenes’ of events and exhibitions.
  • Creative promos and calls to action.

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